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  What to do when offers for help don’t pan out
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jul, 2010
First, let’s accept a little fact about people: They lie. All the time. So, when Mr. Smith is offering to forward your resume to his contacts, he might be sincere and really mean it. Or, he might have a problem with saying no, might be afraid to disappoint you, so he offers to help, even though he has no intention of doing so. Or, Mr. Smith may have had the best of intentions, but he got slammed with a project at work, or his...
  Giving Feedback To Gen Y Employees
by David Lee - Jul, 2010
"Giving Gen Y Employees Corrective Feedback: What Can Video Games Teach You?" One of the biggest complaints I hear from managers about their Gen Y employees is how defensive they get when given corrective feedback. You can dramatically increase how receptive your Gen Y employees are to feedback if you borrow from the world of video games. In video games, feedback is an essential part of the game. It’s how you know you...
  What Would Bill Clinton Do?
by Suzanne Bates - Jul, 2010
I’ve never met Bill Clinton but many of my friends have, and all say the same thing about him. He’s the moment. When he shakes your hand he focuses on you like you’re the most important person in the world. For that fleeting moment – 30 seconds or a minute- you believe you’re his nhew BFF. Even if you’re a Republican. That got me wondering – what would Bill Clinton do if his cell phone rang while he was locked i...
  Seven Key Aspects of a Professional BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY
by Rob Taub - Jul, 2010
The dictionary definition of philosophy is “a set of principles, beliefs and aims, underlying somebody's practice or conduct”. As such, a “business Philosophy” can be both a guide to help you grow a business, and in the ‘business of careers’ it can be a guide to help you decide what to do...and where to do it. So, define what you consider important, and you can be on your way to uncovering your “best fit” job opportunities....
  People Problems Afoot? Get the Words Out! Supervisors As Challenged Communicators
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
“I’m speechless!” Ever said that? It usually pops out when we’re given unexpected praise or are caught unaware. Being “speechless” is a problem when we’re expected to say exactly the right thing when something important is on the line. Keep your foot in your shoe. We rightly expect our bosses to be good communicators. We need them to solve problems and motivate us by saying the right things at the right time. Being...
  Does Your Firm Suffer From OCD?
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Jul, 2010
Are you performing proactive statistical analyses of your employment decisions? If you don’t perform these analyses, is it because you are afraid of what those analyses might show? If so, your firm may suffer from Organizational OCD. You won’t find Organizational OCD in the DSM-IV, and it’s not an official medical diagnosis. But it’s a problem I see all too often. OCD is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an unreason...
  The Language of Commitment
by Suzanne Bates - Jul, 2010
"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans." - Peter Drucker A few years ago a client of our firm who had just wrapped up a three hour coaching session was walking out the door of our office. Don't forget to e-mail it to me by Friday,I overheard the coach say. Gee I don't know when I'm going to do it, I'm so busy this week, but I will try to get it to you,replied the client. What do y...
  The Career Skills Triangle - Essential Marketing for Career Transition!
by Sharon Cohen - Jul, 2010
• Planning a Career Transition, but don't know where to start? • Heard about Personal Branding, but unsure how it applies to you? • Wondering how to sell your skills, in an overcrowded market? As someone who works with both employers and job-seekers, let me share some career-transition marketing. As a job seeker, the first thing you need to understand is that the job search is not just about you. Finding a match betwee...
  Fierce Conversations – Tackle Tough Challenges and Enrich Relationships
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jul, 2010
I recently led a couple of workshops on emotional intelligence and assertive communication for some of my San Francisco Bay Area clients. The HR Director at a law firm asked me if I could write up some of the techniques and tools we covered in my “Emotionally Intelligent Conversations” workshop. The following are some techniques and tips you can use for having fierce conversations at work, particularly difficult conversat...
  Working From the Heart? Check Your Pulse! Spirit and Drive as Brand Boosters
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
Jobs are what we make them. When we bring nothing, they become nothing. When we use them to unleash our spirit, they become an adventure. Jobs give us a chance to show what we’re made of, what we stand for, and what we care about. When we take them to heart, there’s no hiding it. We do the work with an eagerness that spills over to others. No spirit. No drive. No fun. I’ll grant that a lot of employers do all they ca...
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