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  Two Costly Job-Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
by Kevin Donlin - Nov, 2010
If you’ve been struggling to find work this year, you’ve got company. The average job search lasts 33.9 weeks -- more than 8 months -- according to October 2010 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Times continue to be tough. And times may stay tough for you, if you’re making one or both of the following mistakes, which plague most job seekers … Mistake #1: “Sure, that person got a job, but my situat...
  You Are NOT "Unemployed"! Change Your Approach And Supercharge Your Job Search
by Cathy Eng - Nov, 2010
In this economy, it has become clear that companies are leery of hiring unemployed job seekers. Research has indicated that they are perceived as unproductive under-performers, which has created a major problem even for highly qualified and valuable individuals who may be laid off. Some contributors to the view that out-of-work professionals lack quality are actually within the job seeker’s control - poor job searching and i...
by Suzanne Bates - Nov, 2010
I’m in Bora Bora at the Four Seasons Resort for a business meeting (yes, business), a place that qualifies as paradise on earth. The hotel “rooms” on this enchanting Tahitian island are huts built over the water on concrete stilts. We are looking across a tranquil, sparkling turquoise bay at a mountain perpetually ringed by clouds. The resort staff is first rate. Every time they encounter a guest, whether piloting golf car...
  Wait, I’m Not Ready For This Conversation
by Suzanne Bates - Nov, 2010
It was my freshman year at the University of Illinois and I had invited a guy from 101 English for dinner at my place. The chicken and homemade cheesecake (my first) were a triumph. We hadn’t even kissed but both suspected where it was headed when the doorbell rang. It was my high school boyfriend of two years. He had driven an hour and a half to ”surprise me.” For those of you old enough to remember life B.T. (Before Tex...
  Recommendation Letters May Be Costing Women Jobs
by Barbara Safani - Nov, 2010
According to a recent study at Rice University, qualities mentioned in recommendation letters for women differ greatly from those for men, and those differences may be costing women jobs and promotions in academia and medicine. After reviewing 624 letters of recommendation for 194 applicants for eight junior faculty positions at a U.S. university, researchers found that letter writers conformed to traditional gender themes...
  7 Business Travel Musts
by Alexandra Levit - Nov, 2010
Over the weekend, I hung out with a friend who travels every week for business. We traded the following tips for business travelers, which will hopefully make your on-the-road life more bearable: Follow the expense rules. Before traveling, read the fine print. Some companies insist that you use a company smartphone for all communication. Others won’t pay for your lunch because you’d be buying it yourself if you were in the...
  7 Ways to Save Money While Launching Your Business
by Tai Goodwin - Nov, 2010
When it comes to launching your business, your most critical resources are time and money. Any book on launching a business will outline the need for long term saving – making sure you have money to live on and to cover expenses for at least the first year of being a full-time business owner. I’ve just added a new report to the Brilliant Network for mastermind members with 50 money saving tips. Here’s a sneak peak of some tip...
  Are You Entitled to Severance?
by Alexandra Levit - Nov, 2010
A WCW reader asks: I am about to start a series of job interviews. Should I bring up severance during the process? How much should I get, and is there any way to negotiate a better-than-average package? You can and should talk about severance during the interview process - it will not affect your standing. When the employer brings up the topic of benefits, ask about the company's official severance policy then. If they...
  Career Need a Boost? Give ‘Em Something to Talk About!
by Dawn Lennon - Nov, 2010
It’s easy to feel lost in the crowd these days. We’re often smothered in a crush of candidates for jobs we want or sequestered among a sea of cubicles. The pace of the daily grind makes face-to-face contact with our bosses brief and infrequent. Feeling faceless is dispiriting. It’s important to be seen. Acting out, complaining, or decorating our cubicles like Mardi Gras take us down the wrong path. A better strategy is to...
  If You’re Underpaid, Do Something
by Alexandra Levit - Nov, 2010 is a new online service that helps people get raises by determining if they are underpaid and then giving them the tools to do something about it. Here’s my interview with GetRaised team member Dave Clarke: I wish I’d thought of this. Where did the idea come from? Our behavioral psychologist Matt Wallaert was walking to work and trying to think of ways to narrow the gender-wage...
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