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  How To Ensure Smooth Transition To A New Job
by Ramon Greenwood - Jun, 2010
You've landed a new job. If you are interested in building a successful career, don't burn bridges to the past as you move on. Here are 13 steps you can take to help make the transition a positive step toward your career goals. First of all, be doubly sure you are making the move for the right reasons that in total mean a step forward on your career path. If you are making a change for negative reasons be certain you can l...
  Build Your Strengths Rather Than Fix Your Weaknesses
by Heather Mundell - Jun, 2010
If you want to take your career to the next level, whatever that means in your specific situation, you might be thinking that you need to fix your weaknesses and make them disappear before you can expect to make any progress. For example, say you'd like to become the Senior VP of Awesomeness, which comes with the responsibility of managing over 150 people. Right now you're a couple of steps away from that goal. You know...
  When it comes to your career, how much is too much to ask for?
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jun, 2010
We’ve been told to be assertive, and ask for what we want – but do we cross the line when it comes to our careers? As a former fundraiser, I was taught to ask for the money – we can’t expect people to read our minds or to hand over their checkbooks. And, I’ve seen enough ‘Oprah’ by now to know that, no, I can’t expect my husband to know that, yes, I really did want to get a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, not just...
  How to Network Smarter: Add Value First, Get Job Leads Second
by Kevin Donlin - Jun, 2010
Hey, college graduates -- pay attention. What follows is an interview I did with Megan Gebhart, a junior at Michigan State University. She is doing several smart things to position herself for rapid employment upon graduation in 2011. There are at least three job-search lessons in the conversation below. Can you find them? Kevin: Megan, you posted a discussion on LinkedIn about how you used your alumni connections to...
  Once a Caterpillar, Now a Butterfly – Continued Education Can Take You High!
by Mandy Marchitello - Jun, 2010
Oftentimes clients contact me for resume writing services and are guided in an entirely unforeseen direction. The conversation goes something like this: CLIENT – I went to college to get a bachelor’s degree, secured a nice job after graduation, but five years later feel as though I’ve gone as far as I can with my company. Please help! When I hear these words spoken, it becomes obvious that what my client really needs is no...
  Resume vs. Online Profile: What’s the Difference?
by Harry Urschel - Jun, 2010
I was recently asked about the difference between a resume and an online career profile. Is there a difference? Should there be a difference? Are they considered in different ways? What should be included or avoided? Good question...short answer...YES! They are different. There are a number of things to consider when creating a professional profile online vs. creating a resume to email or present to a company, or when ap...
  Heads Up! You Already ARE In Business For Yourself
by Andy Robinson - Jun, 2010
A Preamble to Today's Article: In the earlier part of my career, I was a CPA with the firm now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers ("PwC"). I quickly gravitated into PwC's highly profitable corporate finance consulting practice as a Director in the firm's Atlanta office, where I spent 10 years specializing in Financial Advisory Services to Fortune 500 companies. The last 15 years of my work life have been oriented around my ne...
  Overwhelmed? To Much to Do? - Seven Tips for Getting Under Control!
by Bernadette Boas - Jun, 2010
The other day during a presentation on goal setting and time management to 20 plus women business owners, one woman sat quietly at the end of the table. She was taking notes so I knew she was engaged. More importantly her silence spoke volumes to me. I then asked a question that I hoped would provoke her to speak up: “How many hours a day do you work?” Though every one of the women reacted with an awkward giggle; the qu...
  #1 Problem With All Resumes, Job Searches, and Interviews
by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas - Jun, 2010
Imagine sitting in a lobby waiting for an interview. You look around and all those waiting are as professional and qualified as you... · Graduates from top schools. · Possess years of experience in your field. · Have achieved impressive triumphs in their careers. In other words, they are ALL highly QUALIFIED. Again, highly QUALIFIED!! What will you say during this interview that is special and more compelling in...
  How to handle the cubicle invader
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jun, 2010
Run, hide, here comes a Cubicle Invader! They’re everywhere, in every type of workplace imaginable – they might be in your cubicle right now. Just look for the person, other than you, who is in your cubicle almost as often as you are, and you’ll know you’ve got an Invader on your hands. Why have you been the lucky one chosen by the Invader? Who knows – maybe your cubicle is a temporary escape, allowing the Invader to hide,...
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