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  How To Work With Someone You Don't Like
by Alexandra Levit - Jun, 2010
Human beings have a variety of personality types and different work styles, which makes it impossible to get along with all of our team members all of the time. However, unless you want your negative feelings about a certain person to suck the productivity and enthusiasm out of your work day, it’s in your best interest to control and mitigate them. Consider the Why Start by articulating why you don’t like this person....
  Can’t Find A Job...Now What?
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
After four or five years, you have accomplished the big prize—your college degree! Graduation—a day in your life that you have looked forward to since you started your post-secondary education. As you relish the idea of no more studying, no more tests and most importantly no more homework you wonder . . . what’s next? If you are part of the select few that have a career position lined up already, you already know the satisfact...
  Questions To Ask At The End of The Interview
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
You’ve impressed with your resume and here you sit with the interviewer. You’re nearing the end of the interview. You start reflecting on how well the conversation flowed, the great answers you gave to the questions, and you’re thinking, I totally am perfect for this position! Then the interviewer asks whether you have any questions. This is your moment so seize it! Finish strong. Even though your pulse is racing and you fe...
  The Beauty With The Briefcase
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
Back when I was in college, I fully subscribed to the philosophy of one Ani DiFranco, patron saint of angst-filled young women. One of her songs, “32 Flavors”, rang profoundly true for me, especially this verse: God help you if you are an ugly girl/’Course too pretty is also your doom/’Cause everyone harbors a secret resentment/for the prettiest girl in the room... Isn’t that the truth? As women, we just can’t win. If we...
  Who Quits Their Job in This Economy?
by Barbara Safani - Jun, 2010
According to the most recent report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more employees left their jobs voluntarily in March (1.9M) than were laid off (1.8M). You may be wondering why so many are quitting their jobs in what is still a volatile economy, but the reality is that people quit their jobs despite economic indicators for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons employees tell me they quit their jobs o...
  Why 70% Of Resumes Have This Phrase - And Why You Should Avoid It
by Laura Smith-Proulx - Jun, 2010
Somewhere in Resume Writing 101, someone came up with the great idea of listing years of experience as a qualifier. You’ve seen (or used) something like this: “over 15 years of experience in...” It seems to make sense, especially after you’ve spent some time in the industry and you want to show employers that you bring a seasoned background to the table. So what’s the problem? The issue is that it’s really not impressive...
  The Littlest Blue Jay
by Julie Walraven - Jun, 2010
One day last week, this little blue jay flew over to my window and perched for a few minutes on my screen. I’ve never seen a baby blue jay before. I believe he was in the middle of flying lessons from his parents and made a wrong turn. Since then, I have seen his brother (or sister) and the littlest blue jay flying around my neighborhood with mom and dad blue jay, practicing short little jaunts from branch to branch, someti...
  Career Stock Raising
by Nan S. Russell - Jun, 2010
All requests are not equal; all customers or clients are not equal; all to-do-list tasks are not equal; all work responsibilities are not equal. You can do fifty things today and get little, if any, return on your personal investment for having done them. Or you can do one or two things which have a large return. You possess personal capital. It's comprised of your time, effort, knowledge and skills. Investing that capital...
  The Fight for Equality Continues, More Subtle, But Still There
by Eva Jenkins - Jun, 2010
While ‘first wave’ gender discrimination was defined by intentional acts of bias that are now prohibited by law, business consultant and professional coach Eva Jenkins points to insidious ‘second wave’ practices embedded in organizational workings that may seem unbiased, but result in different treatment for women and men. As America approaches the 50th anniversary of the feminist movement that grew from the civil rights mo...
  7 Career Mistakes That Turn Your Mojo into Nojo - Mojo Recuperation
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jun, 2010
I recently was contacted by the Human Resources Director of a professional service firm in the Silicon Valley. She was interested in me speaking on career mojo and employee engagement at a leadership retreat in Northern California. She specifically wanted to know how I worked with coaching clients and organizations to unleash employees’ intrinsic motivation, and enhance their career development and engagement. The HR Direct...
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