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  Ask An Expert: How to Explain What You Have Been Doing Since You Lost Your Job
by Barbara Safani - Nov, 2010
An AOL reader asks, "what do you tell potential employers in an interview when they ask the question, "What have you been doing all this time while laid off?" There are many peripheral activities you may be involved in while searching for a job that can prove to a prospective employer that you have been using your time productively. Career introspection. Let the employer know that you took some time to think introspecti...
  Does Your Resume Showcase A Powerful Storyline?
by Nimish Thakkar - Nov, 2010
Every day, we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements, many with deceptively similar offerings and marketing messages. In an overcrowded marketplace, ultimately, the products or services that are most likely to cut through the clutter and win our business are the ones that deliver marketing pitches with a higher level of recall. The hiring manager’s dilemma can be likened to our own experience with television commerci...
  Why Am I Not Getting A Response From Employers?
by Nimish Thakkar - Nov, 2010
I have sent out dozens of resumes -- why am I not getting a response from employers? As resume writers and career coaches, we hear such questions very frequently. While the economy can be a major determining factor, the truth is that job seekers can take affirmative steps to improve response rates. While many variables can impact the success of a job search campaign, four major factors merit consideration: background, resum...
  Author Correction
by Anita Bruzzese - Nov, 2010
ARTICLE AUTHOR CORRECTION: The article "Inspired Leadership - The Brain Science of Inspiration" posted on 11/19/2010 was incorrectly credited to Anita Bruzzese as the author. The article has been reposted on 11/22/2010 credited to its author, Dr. Maynard Brusman. The LocalJobNetwork extends sincere apologies to the authors involved. (View Article)
  4 Steps to Time Management
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
Do you ever find you get so caught up in your list of things to do that you don’t seem to get anything done? Kimberly has a four pronged strategy to help you manage your daily tasks and long range projects. The first step, the daily to-do priority technique, acts as a foundation for the remaining steps - managing other’s expectations, staying focused and factoring in real life. Each step works well in conjunction with the next...
  5 Steps to Making the Most of LinkedIn
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
After attending the Resume Writing Academy's E-Summit on Writing LinkedIn Profiles, I am sharing a few key ideas that will help you make your LinkedIn profile and overall presence more appealing to recruiters, potential business partners, and customers. Most people filled out their LinkedIn profile several months or years ago and haven't touched it since. So...
  A Survey of the Hiring Managers
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
As a job search expert, I am sometimes expected to have ‘all the answers’ for my client. The good news is I often do know exactly what my clients need to help them be successful in their search. On the other hand, having research to reference in my profession is always a plus. That is why I was particularly excited when I came across this research report: 2010 Resume Survey by Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer The Cente...
  Listening – It is an Art!
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
When a friend is telling you a story about something, do you find yourself thinking about your own experiences that closely relate? Does the following excerpt of a conversation sound typical to you: Jane: Whew. I had a tough day. This project is killing me. Mark: Ugh. I know what you mean. I was trying to reach Jane for some info I needed and she told me she’d get it to me Wednesday! Jane: Well this project just isn...
  Straight from The Experts: Best Job Search Practices!
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
In September, I had the pleasure of attending (and speaking at) the National Resume Writer¡¦s Association¡¦s annual professional development conference in Fort Worth, Texas. There were several really good sessions that gave me new tools to bring back to my clients and one of the "biggies" that I am sharing with you was the 2 hour panel discussion featuring hiring managers from four major industries. In this article, you wi...
  Take-a-ways from “Coaching Yourself to Success”
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Nov, 2010
Getting something solid out of a book can be a tough challenge for me. Many business books are written for business owners that have brick-and-mortar stores and / or a large number of employees. Self-help books deal with a lot of deep problems that I (knock on wood) just do not have in my life. A lot of books simply don’t have a good grasp of what it means to do business as a solo-preneur in New York City. So when I came acros...
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