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  Emotional Intelligence and Performance
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Apr, 2012
I recently spoke with the VP of Human Resources of a San Francisco Bay Area company regarding providing executive coaching for several of the company’s high performing leaders. The VP of HR asked some very insightful questions to determine whether we were a good fit. She specifically wanted to know how I worked with different personality styles, and my methods for initiating behavior change. She was very interested in my execu...
  Fired? Now What? What to Do After Losing Your Job
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Apr, 2012
Anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of a pink slip knows that leaving your job and losing your job are two very different experiences. Jean Chatzky, financial journalist, author, and money coach, has built her career on “making money make sense.” Here are Jean’s top insights about what to do immediately after losing your job: Be Prepared. Hopefully you’ve already stashed away emergency funds that will cover y...
  How To Keep A Job In Tough Times
by William Cottringer - Apr, 2012
“The quickest way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” ~Oscar Wilde. In tough economic times, it is not a good thing to be unemployed. And if you are lucky enough to have a job, you don’t want to do anything to lose it by doing or not doing something under your control. In most states misconduct or quitting for no good cause will keep you from being eligible for unemployment benefits. And som...
  Inner or Outie? Know which one you are to define your ideal job
by Hallie Crawford - Apr, 2012
One thing that everyone must consider when defining their ideal career direction is whether they are more introverted or more extroverted. This can be a make it or break it for whether or not your job is a fit for you. It is also a critical piece to figuring out the best work environment for you. I had a job a long time ago that did not match with my more introverted nature. I was required to be extroverted for much of the...
  Can Your Boss Count on You?
by Alexandra Levit - Apr, 2012
You know what I've realized in my tenure as a manager? The number one quality I appreciate most in a direct report is reliability. By reliable, I mean a person who says she is going to do something, and then actually does it in the agreed-upon manner. You’d think this one would be kind of a no brainer for employees, especially when it comes to the boss who hands out the paychecks. But time and time again, in both my perso...
  How to Get from College to Career: Advice from Lindsey Pollak
by Alexandra Levit - Apr, 2012
My good friend Lindsey Pollak recently released a terrific new edition of her well-loved book, Getting from College to Career. In the midst of the craziness of having a new book and baby, she generously shared some thoughts about what college grads can do to improve their careers in 2012: What made you decide to do a new edition at this time? We’re living in a time of such rapid change in the world of business and c...
  If Bubba Were a CEO...
by Suzanne Bates - Apr, 2012
So I am watching TV, I think it was ESPN, and they have hauled out an old 2010 interview with Bubba Watson, the improbable and irrepressible winner of this year's utterly unpredictable Masters Tournament. Bubba is smiling, hitting shots off the staged practice area, and telling a story about how he once demo'd a new golf club by playing an entire round with only that club. He shot a 77. "I figured after that it was worth putti...
  Interview Success: Five Easy Tips for Making a Great First Impression
by Cathy Eng - Apr, 2012
Some experts say more than 90% of communication is non-verbal, and in this ultra competitive job market you must pay attention to every silent detail in order to make an impression. Why? Because there are many other candidates out there who are equally qualified and dedicated, and who know how to make a great first impression. But there are lots of ways to get the edge utilizing your professional appearance, communication,...
  My Five Trend-Resistant Resume Rules
by Cathy Eng - Apr, 2012
More than ever before, professionals are taking creative, and even risky, chances with their resumes in order to get noticed. While these risks can be a great way to catch a hire manager’s eye in a crowded job market, they can also turn those same managers away. Here are some resume writing rules that should not be broken: 1. Explain your responsibilities. So much advice is given nowadays to provide measurable, high-impact...
  Premature Escalation?
by Alexandra Levit - Apr, 2012
A few years ago, I was finishing up a project at the agency where I worked part time. My colleague and I had been working closely with another internal team on this initiative for a while and fortunately, things were going relatively smoothly. As the vice president overseeing the project, I always tried to be responsive to the internal team’s needs, knowing that they represented the best interests of the client. My colleag...
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