Ready, Get Set, MOVE
Moving to a new country or city can be a daunting experience. With big changes in culture, lifestyle, support system, personal economics, among other things, we undertake a venture that will surely shake our ground, making us very vulnerable.

There are some things we can do to make a smoother transition. Here is a list of six to maximize success in your move:

1. Accept the new culture

The first and most crucial thought to grasp! The new place will have its own set of cultural rules on how things are done. Our chance to achieve our goals increases when we play the game, not when we try to reinvent the wheel. Learning the customs, ethics and attitudes from peers with experience in this new location will help us understand the potential and real opportunities available. In-depth analysis of the work environment is important to adapt and internalize this new culture, making it our own.

2. It's THE LAW!

Beware of following the law in every aspect of your new life. We need to ensure the learning of the new law system, as new countries have different sets of rules and different ways to penalize the non- compliant. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for liability. To ensure our safety and the safety of our new lives, becoming knowledgeable on our home, business and professional liability is a top priority.

3. Learning from others

It is often wise to seek employment when entering a foreign country. Although this task can be hard to achieve, by being an employee, we can learn about this new environment while getting the steady end- of-the-month paycheck. If interested in opening a new business, this is the safest way to test the waters.

4. Find a new support system

Professional and personal relationships can provide the very needed encouragement and support, when adapting to a new environment. And the good news is that community-oriented organizations are available almost everywhere. Whether they are local business chambers, professional associations or faith- related groups, they provide opportunities to meet others with common interests. An important part of adapting to a new place is finding that social environment that will make it feel like home, once again.

5. It's never too late to study!

This does not mean pursuing an equivalency of a long gone diploma. Most of the times, a certification will take us far in learning about this new culture, the legal aspects of our previous trade, and establishing relationships. This can be a fruitful way of getting immersed in this new location's lifestyle, while learning something useful that can lead us to higher unexpected places.

6. Be in tune with your family members

Last and very important, to maximize your opportunity to succeed, your family needs to agree on a life-plan for the next 3-4 years. The more in- tune all the members of your family group are, the more everyone will paddle in the same direction. You will get further in a shorter amount of time. Make sure your family prepares for hard times - emotional, financial, social, professional. No matter how acquainted you are with the new location, it is wise to prepare for a cultural shock. Being a team makes us stronger and more solid when confronting these difficult circumstances.

Moving can be approached and completed with success. Inspired by new beginnings, with hard work and a solid foot on the ground, we can achieve this new step and build a better life your us and our families.