Going From Employee to Entrepreneur: 5 Proven Tips to Turn Your Plans Into Reality
You’ve dreamed about it, researched it, talked about it and come up with a perfect plan for making the transition from employee to entrepreneur? However, a plan is just a dream without the required action to get the ball rolling towards your desired result. It’s time to put your fears and indecisiveness aside and pursue the reality that you know you deserve!

Try these proven tips to help you achieve your dream of going from employee to entrepreneur:

1. Know what you want. Decisiveness leads to success. If you’re fickle in your desire to become an entrepreneur you’ll keep spinning your wheels. If starting your own business is the road that is best for you, claim it and stick to it!

  • * Whatever goal you choose, make sure that it directly affects and benefits you. Let others worry about what’s best for them. For example, stop worrying about how your co-workers will feel if you leave, you are not responsibile for their feelings or workload. You’re in charge of your own life, and only the decisions that affect you.

2. Be practical. You’re unlikely to earn a million dollars your first year as an entrepreneur, and it’s silly to want to teach yoga before you’ve even taken a class yourself. Ensure that your plans are practical and that you allot a reasonable timeframe to their attainment.

3. Get started. The first step is by far the most important step in order to enact your plans. Making the initial move will inspire you to follow through with the necessary steps thereafter. Once you take action, you will be amazed at the “coincidental” opportunities that show up simply because you started the momentum by taking action.

  • *Your first step can be simple. If you find yourself making the first step a hard time consuming task, you may be stalling or self-sabotaging.

4. Take it step-by-step. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you want quality, lasting results, break your plan down into small, measurable results that you can accomplish.

  • * It’s easier to jump into the pool before you try to swim a race. Baby steps are vital to your success and self esteem.

5. Get some training. Not knowing how to do something is not an excuse for inaction. If you lack experience in an area that is critical to your success, invest in training. Before you leave your job, take the time to get a better understanding of marketing, business planning, business finances, etc…

  • * You’ll greatly benefit from downloading an eBook or attending a local class that teaches you what you need to know. The investment is often free or inexpensive, but the additional information could make the difference between failure and joyous success.

Many plans that we envision never move from the dream stage. The culprit of this dooming behavior is often complacency, fear of failure, or in some cases sheer laziness. Know this: You stand to gain a lifetime of happiness by pursuing your purpose, and a lifetime of disappointment if you settle for less than you are called to.

So many people let their amazing gifts and talents go to waste, choosing to dream rather than do. With decisive action and persistence, you can overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of your going from employee to entrepreneur.